Welcome to the Hill Real Estate Team Page!!

Welcome to the Hill Real Estate Team Page!!

published on February 27, 2016 by Jeff & Faith Hill




So glad to see you here. My name is Jeff Hill and welcome to my Real Estate blog. I want to use this first entry to tell you a little about myself, my vision, my philosophy and my drive. Basically to give you an idea of why I have chosen real estate as career.  I know, I know.  The only reason anyone becomes a real estate agent is money, right??? Well, actually, NO. Okay, well, maybe... but honestly, that wasn't my initial justification.  It was the great hours ~ oh, wait, no, you mean it's not Monday through Friday 9-5, nights, weekends and holidays off? Hm. Ok, Ok.  All kidding aside. I do this because I enjoy helping people. I dedicated my previous career to helping people when they were at the most vulnerable, seeing them at the worst times of their lives, caring for them in the emergency department. I have chosen to redirect that passion for helping others by taking it to a happier place.

I have lived in the Charlotte Metro area since I was a child and am, therefore, very familiar with the neighborhoods and various areas in and around the Queen City. I have raised my family in this area as well, giving me insight into the workings of the school systems, location/quality of recreational offerings and random fun facts about this neck of the woods!

I don't consider myself a salesperson, I am a matchmaker. I match people/families with the perfect homes. I am not here to sell you something you don't want or need, I am here to help you find the perfect match of a home for YOUR family. To find that one spot on Planet Earth that's meant solely for you and your family, where you feel comfortable and safe. In order to create that type of connection, I will need to get to know you and your family quite well. I will want to know not only WHERE you want to live but HOW you want to live.

  • What type of neighborhood are you desiring?
  • What style home? ranch? Charleston? Victorian? Traditional? Farmhouse? Loft? Condo?
  • What is your realistic budget?
  • Are you a more formal or casual/laid back type family?
  • Do you entertain frequently? 
  • Do you have pets?
  • What type of amenities are important to you?

Think about these things as you consider your new home purchase. Armed with the answers to these types of questions, I can better narrow the home search to those which will most likely "tick all your boxes" right off the bat. Showing you the available homes which most closely meet your criteria generally creates a smooth process and a more perfect union than even eHarmony can claim!! :)

If you're in the market to buy (or sell!!) a home in the Charlotte Metropolitan area, click on the "Search Homes" icon to get started!!



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